Autism at university

Increasing numbers of autistic individuals are studying at university, but we need to know how to best support them. University can be a challenging time for many, but we need to know more about what can be done to ensure that all autistic students are able to achieve their full potential. This area of research examines a range of issues trying to increase our understanding of issues such as the transition out of university into employment or further study, and the factors which affect autistic individuals not completing their studies.

Dr Eilidh Cage is currently working with collaborators Dr Alana James (University of Reading) and Dr Rebecca Lucas (University of Roehampton) on a project examining how autistic students (as well as non-autistic people with mental health conditions) can be supported with the transition out of university and into employment or further study.


Lucas, R., James, A.I. & Cage, E. (2018). Short note: Expectations of the university to post-graduation transition of students with mental health conditions. Psychology Teaching Review, 24(1), 79 – 81.