Research Assistants

Rhoda Breakwell

Rhoda is a second year Psychology student at Royal Holloway and she is currently working with Dr Cage on a project looking at the experiences of university students on the autism spectrum.

Louise Vinales

Louise is a final year Psychology student at Royal Holloway, and she is also working with Dr Cage on the research project looking at university experiences for autistic students. Louise has dyslexia and has spent many of her holidays working in special needs schools, and she is aspiring to become an Educational Psychologist. She is therefore very keen in learning about the experiences autistic individuals have at university.

Zoe Troxell Whitman

Zoe recently completed a MSc in Applied Social Psychology at Royal Holloway. Zoe has been working with Dr Cage on research aimed at developing our understanding of the phenomenon of “camouflaging” in autism. She is broadly interested in disability identity – conducting research on both labeling language and disclosure. Zoe next intends to conduct a PhD focusing on applied disability research.

Yana Schwarze

Yana is an undergraduate student at the University of Osnabruck in Germany. She is completing a three month research placement with Dr Brewer at Royal Holloway (September-December 2017). She is investigating how we make trait judgements from faces, and how alexithymia (the ability to recognise one’s own emotions), interoception (the ability to perceive the internal state of one’s body), and autistic traits relate to recognition of how others are feeling.

Eve Webber

Eve is in her final year of her undergraduate degree at Royal Holloway, and is completing a research placement with Dr Brewer. She is studying the ability to perceive a range of bodily signals (e.g. tiredness, temperature, pain, hunger), and how this might relate to autistic traits.