Welcome from the CSEL Directors

Jill Marshall, Professor of Law & Amina Memon, Professor of Psychology

Announcing a new multidisciplinary research hub of Royal Holloway academics from the departments of Psychology, Law, Sociology, Criminology, Media Arts, History, Geography, Politics, Social Work and Information Security. The centre will explore complex links between ‘emotion’ and the law including how ’emotion’ affects individuals and their fair treatment by legal frameworks, institutions, bureaucratic structures and processes.

We envision contributions in many areas. For example, how the expertise from our respective fields can inform evidence-based policy and decision making in cases where individuals at risk of harm and persecution seek justice and protection. We will shed light on rights-based approaches such as human rights law to empower such individuals.

We will question how policy, behaviour and systems can be adapted to take into account the impact of emotions on individuals and their communities: the individuals most deeply affected by these issues are at the centre of our work and we use a variety of approaches in our multidisciplinary fields.  The Centre will serve as a hub of expertise for researchers, policy makers, practitioners, journalists, campaigners and others who can benefit from our work. Please check our events pages for our free research seminars, roundtables & networking activities.