Living with Emotion

 ‘Migrant Women, Home and Art’   

Home is a complex and multi-layered concept, particularly for migrants. This exhibition demonstrates how migrant women in London portray ‘home’ through art practice. 36 women from Afghanistan, Somalia, Syria, Iraq and Yemen participated in a series of seven art workshops and reflected on their memories of homeland, childhood, motherhood and living in London to show their meaning-making of the notion of ‘home’.

The paintings and the narratives are collected as part of a project funded by the British Academy and Leverhulme Trust small grants (SRG18R1\181436) and led by Dr Mastoureh Fathi (Royal Holloway University of London) and Ms Rabia Nasimi (Afghanistan and Central Asian Association).

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“In Pieces. Sketches of a Dystopian Present”

In Pieces is an experimental VR installation about the personal impact of politically motivated imprisonment and exile.

It explores the voices of the Catalan political prisoners and exiled politicians, and of their immediate relatives. Their sudden loss of civil and political rights, and of freedom of speech in Spain.

The current version is a Virtual Reality installation that presents the testimonies of Jordi Cuixart, an activist in pre-trial detention since October 16th, 2017, his partner Txell, and Anna Forn, daughter of the former Catalan government MP Quim Forn, in pre-trial detention since November 2nd, 2017.

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“The Waiting Room”     

Victoria is using her new-found passion for virtual reality in her latest project; documenting her breast cancer diagnosis and subsequent treatment.

Seeing her own cancer cells under the microscope inspired her to consider developing a computer-generated VR exhibition piece to sit alongside her film. She explains, “I’ve always been struck by the beauty of microscopic imaging. Within this VR work when the user embodies the tumour, they will marvel at the beauty of cancer cells as they split and multiply”.

Her plan is to recreate this imagery in 3D, so that her audience can go through a surreal and beautiful journey that challenges the language of illness and the cultural myths that surround this disease.

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