Easthampstead Park
Easthampstead Park Conference Centre

During May, most of the LARA lab attended the FRiLL annual conference at Easthampstead Park, Bracknell, where the sunny weather provided a perfect backdrop for a fantastic programme of talks over two days. A broad range of research was presented, from neuroimaging studies using artificial languages, to investigating whether reading stories on iPads affects comprehension. The effect of modern technology on the literacy landscape was further examined through research investigating schools’ use of Kindles and understanding the use of Emojis as a logographic writing system. These and the other excellent talks all prompted interesting discussions and the opportunity to exchange further ideas.

The LARA lab was well represented, closing the conference on Friday afternoon with four talks. Jessie Ricketts discussed the Vocabulary and Reading in Secondary School (VaRiSS) project (see variss.org for more information). Gabbie May presented her first study examining the effects of wild blueberry supplements on reading ability in children. Nicky Dawson’s research provided evidence for morphological decomposition in a cross-sectional study, and lastly, Alessandra Valentini talked about how reading and listening to stories facilitates vocabulary acquisition.

frill - gabbie
Gabbie May
frill - nicky
Nicky Dawson
frill - alessandra
Alessandra Valentini
Forum for Research in Literacy and Language (FRiLL) Annual Conference

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