At the LARA lab meeting at the end of May, we celebrated the end of final year exams for undergraduate research assistants Grace Pocock, Rosie McGuire, Emily Crosby and Sophie Groosman. Grace and Rosie are helping with data collection for the VaRiSS project, whilst Emily and Sophie are just starting to collect data looking at spellling, punctuation and grammar in Year 6 students. Well done to all of them for completing their finals!

We also welcomed some of next year’s third year project students (Sophie Ellcome and Katherine Worster) who will be working with Jessie. They have already completed some training on standardised assessments and are preparing to start their data collection soon.

Nicky gave a talk on her first PhD study on morphological decomposition in children, adolescents and young adults, and Jessie provided an update on the VaRiSS project. We also had a journal club discussion of a paper looking at the possible contributions of prosody (patterns of stress and intonation when reading aloud) to reading comprehension.

LARA Lab meeting – 31st May 2016

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