It has been a very exciting start to the year for the LARA lab, with a range of interesting visitors.

In January we had a visit from former lab member Rosie McGuire. Rosie has obtained a competitive ESRC 1+3 studentship to complete a Masters and PhD at the University of Bath. She is currently completing the Masters part of this and gave us a very interesting talk on trauma-related memory processes and emotion regulation for young people in care. We look forward to having her back to tell us more once her PhD is underway! You can follow Rosie on Twitter for updates on @rosie_mcguire.

Laura Shapiro and Natalie Walsh also joined us on the 30th January from Aston University. Natalie is a PhD student, working with Laura on the Aston Literacy Project (ALP), and gave us a fantastic talk on her PhD on ‘Profiles of reading in children receiving synthetic phonics instruction in England.’ You can read more about ALP here. You can also follow Laura on twitter at @LaShaps1.

In February, Emma James visited from the University of York to give us a talk titled ‘The rich get richer? Examining influences of existing knowledge on learning new words’. This was a great talk, looking at the consolidation of new words in children and adults. Emma can be followed on twitter at @emljames.

Thank you to everyone who has presented at our lab meetings so far this year – it’s been great to have you!


2018 has been exciting so far…

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