On Tuesday the 20th February we had an interesting lab meeting on how to create pirate plots in R, led by our wonderful PhD student Nicky. Pirate plots are a type of plot that show raw data, descriptive statistics, and inferential statistics (RDI) in a very visually appealing format. The meeting was attended by Hannah Harvey and Clare Lally, as they were also interested in how to create pirate plots.

In this lab meeting, we all used the data set provided with the package to go through how to create pirate plots, and how you can alter their visual appearance. It was very useful to have this learning experience as a team, as it gave us time to learn from each other, give each other advice, and just have fun with making these plots!

If you’re interested in downloading the pirate plots package in R, please see here

You can also access Nicky’s informative powerpoint on how to use the package here: Pirate_plots

Pirate Plots in R

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