Dr. Jessie Ricketts and Megan Dixon (teacher, PhD student and director of literacy at the Aspirer Educational Trust) co-wrote an article for the Times Educational Supplement, which was published in November 2018. The article was called Going to Bat for the Neglected Art of Comprehension and can be accessed here.

Jessie and Megan worked together to distil insights from decades of research on reading comprehension difficulties. This was an unusual and exciting opportunity to bring research and practical experience together to reflect on how to identify children with reading comprehension difficulties and support them in the classroom.

The article summarised a workshop on reading comprehension difficulties that Jessie organised with colleagues from the University of York (Emma James, Dr. Lisa Henderson), University of Bristol (Dr. Danielle Colenbrander) and University of Reading (Dr. Holly Joseph). More information about the workshop can be found here and here.

This is both a vital and fascinating aspect of language and reading research, and we look forward to posting more updates in this area!

Lucy Hemmings

Collaboration between research and teaching is essential for promoting reading comprehension

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