Last week, lab member Grace won a prize for her poster and presentation on educational apps!

The poster was presented at the Doctoral School, to a wide audience of staff and students at Royal Holloway from lots of different departments.

Grace spoke about how children are using apps, and yet we have no idea what the effect of this is. There are so many apps on the app market that claim to be educational but have no evidence to prove this claim. Grace’s work highlights this issue and shows that whilst children can learn from apps, they might sometimes learn more from a traditional medium, such as a book. It also shines a light on how children interact with apps, and how this differs from books.

For example, she found that when children were using an app, they rarely repeated anything from it, whilst when the same children used a book, they repeated sounds spontaneously and frequently. Grace’s work sparked a great discussion at the conference and her colourful poster won first place for its design, content, impact, and accessibility.

You can see her poster here and learn more about her work here!



Congratulations Grace

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