Lab Alumni

Former PhD Students

JustinJustin Harrison

Justin graduated in 2013, and is now Principle Couples Family Counselor, and  a social science researcher with SWEAP and Nudge Psychological Assessment and Consulting.

LeslieLeslie van der Leer

Leslie graduated in 2014 and is now a senior lecturer in psychology at Regent's University London.


CatherineKatherine O'Lone

Katherine graduated in 2019 and is now a Researcher and Public Education Officer at the Cambridge Woolf Institute.

BenBen Tappin

Ben completed his PhD in 2019 is now a postdoctoral researcher in the Human Cooperation Lab at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.


Former Masters Students

Molly Lavender

Claire Friedrich


Investigated the utility of the "choice blindness paradigm" as an intervention for paranoia.

Molly Haley

Victoria Fenton

Galini Pantelidou



Researched how people make choices about short-term mating strategies and factors that influence these choices.


Aziah Bazemore


Investigated potential associations between analytic thinking and decision-making, among unrealistically optimistic individuals.


Bokyung Um

Katherine O'Lone

Ben Kremer

Stacey Lewis

Jenna Herold

Liam Pollock

Rie Koido




Former Undergraduate Students

AnnabelleAnnabelle Gall

Annabelle worked as a Research Assistant on a number of projects including face perception, witness identification and choice blindness.


KenKen Petalcorin

Ken worked on projects concerning human behaviour and choice blindness.


alex_v.jpgAlexandrina Vasilichi

Alex worked on projects including choice blindness, face perception and subjective effort & task performance.



EleanorEleanor Cross

Ellie worked on a project related to the effect of anti-atheist prejudice in juridical situations.



JadeJade Lovely

Jade worked on choice blindness and delusion-proneness.



Chris Jones

Chris worked on choice blindness.




FullSizeRender 12Lucy Nash

Lucy's final year research project investigated the effects of courtroom declaration choice in the context of anti-atheist prejudice.

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