March 2019: New papers online:

Furl, N., Averbeck, B. & McKay, R. (2019). Looking for Mr(s) Right: Decision bias can prevent us from finding the most attractive face. Cognitive Psychology, 111, 1-14. Find it here

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May 2018: New papers online:

Gervais, W. M., van Elk, M., Xygalatas, D., McKay, R. T. et al. (2018). Analytic atheism: A cross-culturally weak and fickle phenomenon? Judgment and Decision Making, 13(3), 268-274. Find it here

Kavanagh, C. M., Jong, J., McKay, R. & Whitehouse, H. (2018). Positive experiences of high arousal martial arts rituals are linked to identity fusion and costly pro-group actions. European Journal of Social Psychology. doi:10.1002/ejsp.2514. Find it here

McKay, R., Jong, J. & O’Lone, K. (2018). Idolizing the indexical: Commentary on Van Leeuwen and van Elk. Religion, Brain & Behavior. doi:10.1080/2153599X.2018.1453533. Find it here