Principal Investigator

Dr Jakke Tamminen, BSc (Bangor), MSc (York), PhD (York)

I conduct research into the relationship between sleep, memory, and learning, with a focus on language learning and processing.

Postdoctoral Researchers

Dr Chloe Newbury, BSc (Lancaster), MSc (Lancaster), PhD (Lancaster)
My research focuses on the role of sleep in learning and memory, with a specific focus on language learning. I am also interested in the effects of sleep on emotional memory processing.

Research Assistants

Rebecca Crowley, BSc (Royal Holloway), MSc (Kent)
My research investigates neural mechanisms underlying sleep-dependent memory consolidation. Particularly, I am interested in the role of different polysomnographic sleep parameters in quantitative and qualitative memory processing. I am also interested in the theoretical and practical implications of combining techniques, such as targeted memory reactivation and electrical brain stimulation, to enhance memory.

PhD Students

David Morgan, BSc (Royal Holloway), MSc (UCL)
I research the impact of sleep and memory consolidation on the accuracy of eyewitness memory and in the formation of false memories.
Rebecca Lawrence, MA (Cambridge), MPhil (Cambridge)
My research is investigating generalisation and rule-learning through exposure to language input, specifically in orthography-phonology correspondences.
  Jessica Dyson, BSc (Royal Holloway)
My current research is on adolescent sleep restriction during puberty, and how this affects word learning and memory. This research will use polysomnography to measure objective changes in sleep patterns between school term and holidays.

Lab alumni

Benedetta Cevoli (RA 2017-2018, proceeded to PhD student at RHUL)

Dr Lydia Vinals (Postdoc 2017-2018, proceeded to industry)