Welcome to SPIN!

Hi there!

This is the website for SPIN, a new student-based group that looks to debate cultural trends and current news from a socio-psychological perspective. The group is led by Dr. Sam Fairlamb from the Department of Psychology, but is predominantly a platform for students to find their academic voice and enrich their understanding of current news.

The group aims to meet once a month and discuss a new topic each time. The topics are chosen by the students themselves, and anyone is welcome to join. There is no requirement to have a strong knowledge of Social Psychology, or an expert knowledge of the topic itself, but students are encouraged to do a little reading on the news topic (and related academic papers) to provide a stimulating and informed discussion.

SPIN is not just the chance to discuss how Psychology intersects with news and cultural trends, but also the chance to get first-hand experience in how a Psychologist might go about researching them. Under the supervision of Dr. Sam Fairlamb, students will get the opportunity to develop a research question, and design a study that attempts to address that question.