Current Social Psychology in the News

This page features a selection of news articles that use Social Psychology. This is a great resource for relevant articles. You can use these as part of your academic studies or for fun! Click on the links to explore the content further.

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Racial biases.

This article explores the concept of race. Taking a Social Psychology perspective, the article explains why people have a tendency to categorise people based on race, especially those who are multi-racial.


Social cues.

This article briefly details an experiment carried out to investigate what effects social cues on cigarette packaging have on smokers’ behaviour.



Sexism and its impact on romantic relationships.

This article explores how heterosexual males with sexist attitudes may underestimate the power they have in their romantic relationships which in turn can lead to an increase in aggression towards their female partners.



Phenomenon of satisfying videos.

This articles talks about why we find it pleasurable to watch videos of other people cleaning. It talks about the positive effects this can have on our mental and emotional wellbeing.



Stress and how to deal with it (in Trump’s America).

This article explores the rising levels of stress in America in wake of the Trump presidency. It looks at the evidence for the trend and what we can do to help counter this.



Nature Vs Nurture.

This article details the ever recurring debate of nature Vs nurture amongst Evolutionary Psychologists and Social Psychologists.



Social media and its negative impacts.

This articles explains why social media negatively affects our mental health and what we can do to change it.



The Social Psychology behind wearing ‘I voted’ stickers.

This article explains the psychology behind the purpose of ‘I voted stickers’.



Conspiracy theories as a source of social stigma.

This study looks at the recent research on conspiracy theories and how they are perceived.


The effect of closing the door on the work environment.

This article explores the psychological impacts closing the doors has on the work environment.