Sam Fairlamb, BSc, PhD is a Postdoctoral Teaching Associate at Royal Holloway, University of London and leader of the SPIN team. He completed his PhD in 2017 exploring Islamophobic prejudice in the UK. His research interests focus on intergroup relations and the function of the symbolic self in mitigating existential anxiety.

Alice Hitchcock is a third year Psychology student at Royal Holloway. She is particularly interested in Social and Animal Psychology, as well as more generally how humans perceive the world. She is currently doing her final year project on how semantics could affect the way we perceive art. She would like to pursue postgraduate studies when she completes her undergraduate degree.

Alex Sharpington is a third year Psychology student at Royal Holloway. He is interested in brain abnormalities, and how this can affect behaviour. Currently, he is writing a dissertation on emotion regulation and empathy in adolescent sex offenders. He is interested in pursuing a career involving therapy.

Iqra Arshad is a second year Psychology student at Royal Holloway. She is currently working on a research project investigating the Aubert effect using Galvanic Vestibular Stimulation. She finds learning about and try to explain different behaviours interesting.

Rochelle Martins is a second year Psychology student at Royal Holloway. She is particularly interested in Social and Cognitive Psychology, and would like to become a researcher in the future with the aim to help people live better lives.

Holly Moggridge is an Applied Social Psychology Masters student at Royal Holloway. Her research interests include addiction and personality. She is currently doing a research project concerning Terror Management in online behaviour.

Charlton Jenkins is a second year Clinical and Cognitive Neuroscience Psychology student. Her main interests involve understanding how neurons work and their relation to producing unique and complex identities. She finds how applying Psychology to real-world scenarios provides a fascinating window into the inner workings of society and how societal issues can be addressed. In the future she would like to pursue a career in neuropsychological research.

Louise Marston is a first year Psychology student. Her motivation for doing a psychology degree was incited by her interest in social psychology, particularly regarding the social interactions of humans, and how learning predicts human behaviour in certain social situations.

Susannah Male is a second year student studying Psychology. Her interests are in Forensic and Developmental Psychology with a focus on the underlying causes that lead individuals to offend. She aims to pursue postgraduate studies in Forensic Psychology after completing her undergraduate degree.