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Daughters of Fortune: Training Package

Arts-based resources for health and social care professionals relating to parents with learning disabilities

“If we get the right support from the beginning, we’ll get to keep our kids”. LD Parent


Since 2015, Mind the Gap has been capturing stories from learning disabled parents and undertaking research alongside clinical psychologists, midwives, geneticists, social workers, council officers and advocates.

This research directly fed into the project Daughters of Fortune, a ground-breaking arts and science project exploring learning-disability and parenthood.

The project included three theatre productions Anna, Mia and Zara, details of which can be found on the Mind the Gap web-site.

The training package

With the support of Wellcome Trust, Rayne Foundation and Arts Council England, and made in collaboration with Dr. Kate Theodore, Clinical Psychologist, Royal Holloway, we are pleased to launch the following package of arts-based training

The resources are most suitable for health and social care professionals including midwives, social workers, clinical psychologists, advocates and policy makers. These versatile and multi-faceted resources can be used in various ways such as for Continuous Professional Development, teaching, training or independent research.

“Really highlighted the gap in service for parents with learning disabilities and how the inequalities they are faced with can have catastrophic effects.” Health Care Professional

The resources include real stories from LD parents to encourage a more person-focused approach to relationships between professionals and LD parents.

All resources are free to download and readily available.

For more information about the Daughters of Fortune project, please contact


“If I had had more help, I’d still have my children at home with me” LD parent

“I was there with his first steps; I was there when he started talking. He said ‘mum’ first, then later he said ‘dad’, and that was the proudest day of my life”. LD Parent